Providing Peace-of-Mind – Meet Tillie

Tillie is a member of the Life Navigators Trust Program and participates in our social and community outings.  As Tillie got older, she realized that she needed to plan for her future.  That’s when she reached out to Life Navigators to set up a Trust.

Tillie’s Life Navigators Trust III has greatly improved her quality of life.  It allows her to live independently in our community by paying for her transportation, phone bill, travel expenses, recreational activities and other services and needs.

Tillie is so thankful for the peace-of-mind that her Life Navigators Trust III provides.  It assists her to pay for all the things that allow her to remain in her home while remaining eligible for Medicaid and other long-term benefits.

For more information on our Trust III – Pooled Trust, visit our Trust Program website page.