“My head used to be down.  Now that I am a part of Life Navigators, I hold my head up high.”

- Roger, Consumer

“Life Navigators works with you, not for you.”

- Anonymous, Consumer

“When I first was introduced to Life Navigators, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me. I am very proud to be part of such an incredible organization.”

- Nick Curran, Past Board President

“Life Navigators has taken an essential role in developing a supportive and inclusive environment within our community.”

- Cindy Schaus, Board Member

“Life Navigators is here to help me navigate my life.”

- Anonymous, Consumer

“Life Navigators is there for me when I need someone.”

- Anonymous, Consumer

“If you guys ever need service, call Life Navigators, and they can hook you up.”

- Matt, Consumer

“I’m a Life Navigators believer!”

- Deatrice, Family Member

“I love how comfortable I have become with the Life Navigators Women’s Group! I can be myself with everyone.”

- Gabby, Consumer

“Life Navigators has given me the confidence I need.”

- Alexis, Consumer

“Thank you to Life Navigators for taking us to all of these big places!”

- Katya, Consumer

“I like to volunteer. It’s my thing.”

- Jonathan, Consumer

“I have never done a dance workshop before!”

- Daire, Consumer

“Life Navigators gives me things to do, and I wish I would have met them sooner!”

- Kevin, Consumer

“Thank you for all you do to improve the quality of life for Chris and so many others. Life Navigators has been a great support for us over the years, especially this last year in helping Chris become more independent.”

- Mike and Rita, Family Members

“I really enjoy spending time with the other women in the Life Navigators group. It is so good for me to spend time with others and enjoy community events. Life Navigators always takes good care of all of us.”

- Anonymous, Consumer

“I want the community to know what a great organization we have in arm’s reach. Knowing that Kimberly’s life will continue to be fulfilling is the best gift anyone could give my family.”

- Stephanie, Sister

“My brother was still living with my mom who was 83 years old. We needed to move him into supervised housing through the Family Care program. He did not qualify until we put his savings into a Life Navigators Trust. Having this trust has given him the freedom to be out and away from home for the first time in his life.”

- Sandra, Sister

“I feel like I’m a part of the rest of the world now!”

- Barb, Consumer

“My parents helped me a lot. Now my (Life Navigators) case manager does.”

– Nicky, Consumer

“Life Navigators staff are very knowledgeable about their programs offered.”

- Anonymous, Service Provider

“As my parents get older, being a sister of someone with a disability, I am glad to have a program like Life Navigators. Life Navigators has given me the tools needed to help Roger live a life of independence. The only thing I can say is thank you, Life Navigators, for helping us to understand that Roger is capable of living life independently.”

- Sandra, Sister

“This is exactly the type of organization we’ve been searching for and the answer to our prayers.”

- Ray, Family Member

“I’m so lucky to have these people in my life. I’ve heard stories of people having no one once their family is gone.”

- Mark, Consumer

“Life Navigators helped me get organized and be independent. That’s what I wanted.”

- Mark, Consumer

“Life Navigators helps me balance out my life.”

- Mark, Consumer

“I like the people I work with here. They care a lot about their clients.”

- Elizabeth, Consumer

“I’m very thankful to be working with Life Navigators. They really care about me and my health.”

- Robert, Consumer

“My Life Navigators care manager is fantastic!”

- Holly, CMU Member

“My life is so much better because of Life Navigators. I have people to make sure I am safe and doing ok. It’s nice to have someone concerned about me as a person but also about my health.”

- Ken, Consumer

Life Navigators is such a wonderful thing that has come into my life.  My care manager is the most caring caseworker I’ve ever had.  It’s a blessing that Life Navigators has come into my life.”

- Anonymous, Consumer

“Life Navigators is everywhere!”

- Anonymous, Friend of Life Navigators

“What I like most about volunteering is that I always leave an event inspired by the individuals they serve.”

- Stephanie, Friends Group Member

“I am proud to be a part of the Life Navigators Friends Group and serve the mission of such a wonderful organization.”

- Megan, Friends Group Member

“I am inspired by the enthusiasm the Life Navigators consumers exhibit at every event.”

- Kate, Friends Group Member

“It was so nice to see the staff so engaged with everyone at the Life Navigators Summer Picnic.  It lifted my spirits.”

- Cathy, Family Member

“You always feel heard and understood, even during the most trying of times.  I believe no other organization creates the same type of office climate as Life Navigators.”

- Anonymous, Staff Member

“It is a great place to work, especially as a nurse.  You have more of a voice in the care planning process and have the ability to make a big difference in our community.”

- Anonymous, Staff Member

“It is a cause I truly believe in.”

- Aileen, Donor

“I trust that by donating to Life Navigators, our money is going to help people.”

- Ava, Donor

“We can’t talk up Life Navigators enough to other families.  They are the nicest and caring people, and Natalie gets so excited for every event.”

- Janice, Family Member

“Life Navigators has always been a place I could turn to if I find myself in need.”

- Doris, Family Member

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