Make a Continuous Impact and Join Our Monthly Giving Impact Partners Circle

Each year, we deliver over 450 essential supply bags and use over $2,000 in emergency gift cards for individuals with disabilities. Last year, our Impact Partners Circle of monthly donors supported 300 individuals with emergency supply bags!

$10 a Month

The same as your monthly Netflix subscription

Your monthly $10 gift helps provide an emergency supply bag to an individual in crisis. These emergency supplies include shampoo, body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, shaving cream, and other essential hygiene products. Your monthly gift can support individuals like Tyrese, who is so happy to receive essential supplies to keep him safe, happy and healthy.

$20 a Month

The same as your monthly Starbucks orders

Your monthly $20 gift helps purchase an emergency air mattress for an individual in crisis. Our Program Coordinator, Bethany, is so thankful for these donations, “This year, I’ve had several members in need of an emergency bed. Thanks to our stock of emergency supplies, I can help immediately.” Your monthly support can ensure a safe sleeping situation.

$25 a Month

The same as your monthly UberEats receipts

Your monthly $25 gift helps purchase emergency groceries for an individual in need. Recently Henrietta’s health made it difficult for her to be independent, and she needed an emergency living placement. Your donations provided a bed, groceries and other essential items to ensure she was safe, happy and healthy in her new home.

All it takes is a $10 monthly gift to fill an immediate need for kids and adults with disabilities in crisis today.

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