Trust Program

Planning for the financial and service needs of individuals with disabilities to create bright futures

Many families wonder what will happen to their loved one with a disability once they are gone. The Life Navigators Trust Program offers peace of mind and security while protecting public benefits.

What is a Trust?

A trust is a legal entity that owns and manages assets for the benefit of an individual. In this case, the person benefiting has a disability. Unlike other trusts, a Life Navigators Trust does not negatively impact someone’s eligibility for public benefits.

Why should I consider a Trust?

Setting up a financial plan for an individual with a disability is essential because funding for community–based programming is limited and traditional benefit programs often do not meet all of an individual’s needs.

Trust Options Overview

Trust I – Community Trust (Third Party Trust)
Trust II – Pooled Trust (Funded Entirely with Beneficiary’s Assets)
Trust III – Pooled Trust (Funded Entirely with Beneficiary’s Assets)
                *for Age 65 and Over

Additional Information

Trust Brochure
Trust Handbook
Trust Fees
Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our Trust Program by watching this overview video!

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