Providing an Expanded Network of Support

Meet Lisa.  Lisa is a member of our Guardianship Program which secures the health, safety, and happiness of individuals with disabilities who do not have a family member to provide this essential monitoring and support.  Lisa enjoys listening to music on her tablet, coloring, and playing board games.  Read more on Lisa’s story and how your investment today will provide a network of support for safe, happy and healthy lives in our community.

2020 Impact Video

We are committed to improving the quality of life for kids and adults with disabilities in our community by connecting individuals and families to resources and programs.  Thanks to your support, our programs and services served over 3,020 kids and adults with disabilities and their families in 2020.  Watch and share our 2020 Impact Video to learn more about the impact of your support!

Sponsor a Guardianship Birthday

Provide a birthday celebration for individuals with disabilities!  Thanks to the generosity of Classy Girl Cupcakes, you can sponsor a birthday treat for a member of our Guardianship Program.  Your $25 donation will provide a birthday cake or cupcakes to ensure a special day for an individual with a disability.  Learn more and sponsor a birthday today.

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Serving 3,020 kids and adults with disabilities in 2020