Improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and their families.

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Providing Kids And Adults With Disabilities With Comprehensive Disability Support Services And Individualized Support To Ensure Safe, Happy, And Healthy Lives.

Success Stories Using Disability Resources

Positively impacting kids and adults with disabilities by offering our disability resources.

 Read our consumer highlight stories to learn how our staff directly impact the individuals we serve.

Featured Program For Disability Support Services

Planning For The Financial And Disability Support Service Needs Of Individuals With Disabilities To Create Bright Futures

Many families wonder what will happen to their loved ones with a disability once they are gone. The Life Navigators Trust Program offers peace of mind and disability resources while protecting public benefits.

An Affordable Financial Planning Option for Individuals with Disabilities and Families for All Ages

Knowing that Kimberly’s life will continue to be fulfilling is the best gift anyone could give my family.

Stephanie, Family Member

Disability Support Services: What We Do

Improving the quality of life for kids and adults with disabilities in our community.

Learn about our comprehensive disability support services and individualized support to ensure safe, happy, and healthy lives.

Information and Education

Provides a variety of services that impact individuals with disabilities and their families. Search our Online Resource Guide for information on over 300 community resources.

Self-Advocacy and Independence

Organizes opportunities for kids and adults to participate in community outings, educational trainings and volunteer opportunities.

Trust Program

Offers planning assistance for the financial and service needs of individuals with disabilities to create bright futures.


Secures the health, safety and happiness of individuals with disabilities who may not have a family member to provide this essential monitoring and support.

Family Support

Connects families of kids and adults with disabilities to community disability resources and programs.

Children’s Long-Term Support Program

Helping children with disabilities and their families through support and services that help children grow and live their best lives.

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Upcoming Events

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Making a difference for individuals with disabilities and their families

As my parents get older, being a sister of someone with a disability, I am glad to have a program like Life Navigators. Life Navigators has given me the tools needed to help Roger live a life of independence. The only thing I can say is thank you, Life Navigators, for helping us to understand that Roger is capable of living life independently.

– Sandra, Sister


When I first was introduced to Life Navigators, I had no idea how much of an impact it would have on me. I am very proud to be part of such an incredible organization.

– Nick Curran, Past Board President

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