Safe, Happy and Healthy All Year Long – Meet Ken

Safe, Happy and Healthy All Year Long

Meet Ken. Ken enjoys reading, listening to music, and watching sports.  His Life Navigators’ team makes sure he has the services he needs to remain independent and is always there when he asks for support.

Earlier this year, we used our emergency need gift cards to purchase a quilt for him and deliver some much-needed toiletries.  Ken was so appreciative for receiving this support.  He said, “My life is so much better because of Life Navigators.  I have people to make sure I am safe and doing ok.  It’s nice to have someone concerned about me as a person but also about my health.”

Thank you for supporting these critical services.  All it takes to help is a $10 Target or Walmart gift card purchase to fill an immediate need for Ken and many others.  Before our consumers can benefit from our events and community outings, they must have their basic needs met.  Just $10 a month allows us to deliver one emergency supply bag to an individual in need.