Providing Richard’s Family with Peace of Mind

Meet Richard. Richard is an avid reader who loves learning and sharing random, fun facts. He attends day program three days a week at Goodwill Community Opportunities Club – North where he enjoys coloring and playing bingo.

Richard’s family had been connected to Life Navigators for many years, and his mom, Roberta, wanted to ensure her son would always have a safe, happy and healthy life. She reached out to us for futures planning options and set up a Life Navigators Trust I – Community Trust to provide for Richard’s financial future and long-term needs. She was so thankful for the peace of mind this planning provided.

After losing his mom, Richard’s Trust continues to provide for his long-term needs. He lives independently in his group home and attends a day program. These services offer Richard security and happiness, just as his mom had intended.

For more information on our Trust options, visit our Trust Program website page.