Providing Peace of Mind – A Family Perspective

Cameron is a member of Life Navigators’ Trust Program. He loves swimming, dancing and shopping. Some of his favorite activities with his dad, Charles, are taking walks along the lakefront, going to sports games, traveling and checking out roller coaster parks.

Recently, Cameron’s dad reached out to Life Navigators to set up a Trust II – Pooled Trust for Cameron. Cameron’s Life Navigators Trust has greatly improved his quality of life while protecting his public benefits. Through his Trust, Cameron is able to enjoy more of his favorite activities, including traveling, shopping and attending sporting events. He has also been able to visit family in Georgia, all thanks to his Life Navigators Trust.

Charles and Cameron are thankful for the personal support they receive from Life Navigators to make these experiences possible and for the peace of mind it provides their family for the future.

“We are so grateful for Life Navigators’ services for Cameron.” – Charles.

The Life Navigators Trust Program provides peace of mind and security while protecting public benefits. Multiple trust options are available to meet each beneficiary’s needs now and in the future. For more information on our Trust II – Pooled Trust, visit our Trust Program website page.