Providing an Expanded Network of Support – Meet Lisa

Meet Lisa.  Lisa is a member of our Guardianship Program, which secures the health, safety, and happiness of individuals with disabilities who do not have a family member to provide this essential monitoring and support.  Lisa has been involved with Life Navigators since 1988.  When both of her parents passed away, she did not have someone to ensure she was safe and secure.  As her guardian, we oversee her care to ensure she has a safe living environment and essential support services.

Lisa enjoys listening to music on her tablet, coloring, and playing board games.  Since Lisa is nonverbal, she communicates through signs.  When she goes out into the community, Lisa enjoys trips to McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts and visits the lake.  While Lisa remains safe at home, she enjoys rearranging her furniture and organizing her room.  During this time, she also stays active by walking with her roommates.

Your investment will provide impactful services to Lisa and many others.  Through your generosity, individuals with disabilities will have the network of support to be safe, happy, and healthy in our community.