Providing Allison’s Family with Peace-of-Mind

Allison was born with 5P Minus, a rare chromosome five deletion syndrome. Her grandparents, Mike & Ginny, have been connected to Life Navigators for many years and enjoy attending events with Allison.

Recently they decided it was time to put a plan in place for their granddaughter’s future. That’s when they established a Life Navigators Trust I – Community Trust to provide for Allison’s financial future and long-term needs. Mike & Ginny are so grateful for the peace-of-mind their Life Navigators Trust provides their family.

Allison’s family knows that her Life Navigators Trust 1 – Community Trust will provide long after they are no longer able to care for her. Her Trust will provide for her future needs and allow her to live an active and connected life in our community, just as her family intended.