Opening the Door to Opportunity – Meet Brandy

Meet Brandy. Brandy is a member of our Guardianship program, which secures the health, safety and happiness of individuals with disabilities who do not have a family member to provide this essential monitoring and support. Brandy has been in the Life Navigators Guardianship Program for several years. Our staff visit or call Brandy regularly to make sure that she has all of her needs met. This includes drop offs of essential items and ensuring she is active and connected.

Brandy has a friendly personality and desires an active social life. She has a wonderful group home where she has been able to form great relationships and participate in many community outings. Once Brandy became involved with Life Navigators, we were able to provide her with a healthy network of support.

Today, Life Navigators has opened the door for Brandy to have the active and connected life she desires. Brandy has enjoyed attending some of our Life Navigators events, including Game Night, the Annual Winter Celebration and our Women’s Group outing to see “A Christmas Carol” during the holiday season. She is currently staying busy by enjoying her music and working out from the safety of her group home.

Your investment will provide impactful services to Brandy and many others. Through your generosity, individuals with disabilities will have the support network to be safe, happy and healthy in our community.