Living Situations for Safe, Happy and Healthy Lives

Meet Henrietta.  Henrietta is a member of our programs and receives our emergency need services.  Henrietta has a high-spirited attitude and outgoing personality.  She loves listening to music, watching TV and participating in craft projects.  Henrietta has been connected to Life Navigators through our Women’s Group for many years.  In the past, she has attended Game Nights at our office as well as our Annual Summer Picnics and Winter Celebrations.

Recently Henrietta’s health has made it difficult for her to be independent.  She needed an emergency living placement and had no bedding or furniture.  Your donations provided these emergency items to ensure she had a bed, groceries and other essential items she needed to be safe and secure.  Henrietta is so thankful for the support to ensure that she will be safe, happy and healthy.

Thank you for supporting these critical services.  All it takes to help is a $10 Target or Walmart gift card purchase to fill an immediate need for Henrietta and many others.  Before our consumers can benefit from our events and community outings, they must have their basic needs met.  Just $10 a month allows us to deliver one emergency supply bag to an individual in need.