Thank you to our many friends and supporters for making a difference in the lives of kids and adults with disabilities!  Your support has allowed Mark and many others to be safe and healthy.  Last fall we introduced you to Mark, who became a member of the Life Navigators Crisis Intervention Program when his sister Debby passed away, and he had few connections to our community.

Through our Crisis Intervention Program, over the last year we have provided Mark with additional basic need items and over 265 service hours thanks to the generosity of others like you.  We are so pleased to share that Mark has recently moved into a brand new apartment and is thriving. Now when we visit Mark, he is so proud to be living on his own.

Thank you again for investing in Mark and 4,500 other individuals with disabilities.

Photo:  Through our Crisis Intervention Program, Mark has benefited from our emergency need services and is now thriving in his new apartment.