A Family Reconnection – Meet Deb

A Family Reconnection

Meet Deb. Deb loves puzzles, music and movies. She especially enjoys baking cakes and attending church on Sundays. She stays active working in our community thanks to the adaptive equipment available at Eisenhower Center.

Deb is so grateful for the personalized support she receives. Deb’s mother lives in Arizona and has not been able to visit Wisconsin in two years. Deb had not seen her mother’s face since their last visit in 2014.

Thanks to the help of her Life Navigators manager, Crystal, we were able to coordinate the purchase of an iPad for Deb and utilize Facetime to reconnect her with her mother. The two were overjoyed when they were able to see each other for the first time in two years. The personalized structure of our program allows our staff to enhance Deb’s quality of life above and beyond her basic services.