Trust I – Community Trust

Funded by parents, grandparents or other third party

The Life Navigators Trust I – Community Trust (Third Party Trust) can be funded for immediate use or unfunded for use in the future.  Most often, the Trust I is established as an unfunded trust that will be funded at a later date through a will, retirement account, life insurance plan or estate plan. This Trust was developed in 1988 by a group of experienced lawyers, many of whom have a loved one with a disability.

Trust Handbook

A comprehensive guide for families, individuals with disabilities and attorneys.  Discover which Life Navigators trust is right for you.

Legal Documents: Trust I – Community Trust (Third Party Trust)

Families must retain an attorney to draft the Trust documents and establish a Trust account.  Attorneys may complete our fillable PDF documents here.

Additional Information

Trust Fees
Request for Disbursement
Frequently Asked Questions

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