All About Our New Medicaid Program

April 9, 2024

Medicaid Reenrollment Project
In January of 2024, Life Navigators, in partnership with Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services – Aging and Disabilities Services is assisting consumers and families in preparing for their Medicaid reenrollment. Medicaid eligibility is at the core of accessing long-term care services in the community and Life Navigators is working to ensure consumers will experience no interruptions in their services and support.

Life Navigators will work directly with Medicaid enrollees and their families. Programming can provide assistance to access information on renewal dates, ensure current contact information is up-to-date, provide needed assistance, and refer when needed to resources. The program will provide multiple levels of work to support Medicaid recipients and their families. As with all Life Navigators service programming, the organization will provide services based on individual needs and the identified level of support needed.

Core Services – Support and Service Coordination
The program will provide information, assistance and direct support to help individuals with disabilities and their family members or care team to assist in navigating Medicaid Reenrollment. The program will work to ensure individuals are informed and don’t experience any loss of program eligibility and services. The program will provide:

Outreach and Training Events
Distribution of Reenrollment Information and Materials
Assisting in Accessing Enrollment Information and Dates
Providing Direct Assistance to Ensure Completion of Reenrollment
Referring to Other Support and Insurance Programming

Contact Us for Information and Assistance
For more information or assistance with the Medicaid Reenrollment, contact Life Navigators Program Coordinator, Stacy Frederick by phone at (414) 774-6255 or