Sustaining Futures Planning Services for Families – The Estate of Doris Kiyo Sese

Doris had been connected with Life Navigators for over 50 years, beginning when she first sought out disability resources for her son Daniel.  Doris was a devoted mother and advocate for Danny.  She wanted to ensure he had all the supports he needed while remaining safely at home.  Many years ago, Life Navigators connected her with community resources and coordinated these critical care services.  Doris even set up a patio swing in their dining room for Danny, and when our staff visited, they would often see him smiling and swaying while enjoying his toys.

Doris knew that she could always reach out to Life Navigators if she needed help.  As she got older, Doris realized she needed additional in-home assistance for Danny since she was no longer able to provide this direct support on her own.  Their in-home caregiver provided comfort to Doris while ensuring that Danny’s needs were met.   Later on, she was especially thankful for Life Navigators’ future planning services.  We connected her to services to help put a legal and financial plan in place for Danny’s future.  This plan and support provided Doris with peace of mind knowing that Danny would always be taken care of.

In July 2020, Life Navigators received a legacy gift from the Estate of Doris Kiyo Sese.  Doris had dedicated her life to Danny, and she was so thankful that Life Navigators had always been there when she was in need.  This support had given her the peace of mind she needed during her life and for the future.  Doris graciously thought of other families in need. Thanks to her wonderful gift, we can continue to help many more families with futures planning services for years to come.

Making a planned gift is easy, and any amount can make a huge impact.  Read about the types of Planned Giving opportunities and how your gift will sustain bright futures.

To learn more about this special opportunity to support our mission, visit our Planning Giving page.

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