Helping in Times of Need – Meet Hattie

Meet Hattie.  Hattie is a member of our Guardianship Program, which secures the safety and happiness of individuals with disabilities who do not have a family member to provide support.  Recently, Hattie needed new clothing and did not have the funds to purchase what she needed.  Thanks to your generous donations to our Emergency Needs Fund, Hattie’s Life Navigators Guardianship Coordinator, Amanda, could buy new clothes when Hattie was in need.

Your emergency need gift cards from Target or Walmart provide immediate help for individuals with disabilities in crisis.  These gift cards are also used to brighten a consumer’s day, such as for a birthday or holiday gift.  Hattie has been surprised with books, puzzles and a self-care spa kit.  These meaningful gifts would not be possible without your help.

Your continued investment will provide impactful services to Hattie and many others.  Through your generosity, individuals with disabilities will have a network of support to be safe, happy, and healthy in our community.