Ensuring a Bright Future – Meet Joe

Joe lived with his aging parents, who devoted years of loving care in their home, managing his care on their own.  When his parents suddenly passed away, Joe needed an emergency placement. Joe became a member of our Guardianship Program since he no longer has a family member to fulfill the critical role of keeping him safe, happy and healthy.

Joe has been a member of our Guardianship program since 1998.  As his guardian, we oversee his care to ensure he has a safe living environment and essential support services. Since Joe is deaf, he communicates through sign language with his Life Navigators care manager, Beth. He enjoys creating artwork at his group home. During this time, he also stays active by attending regular virtual sessions with HEAR Wisconsin.

Families of loved ones with a disability are concerned about an uncertain future for their child, and 90% of adults with disabilities reside at home with their 60+ caregivers. Our Futures Planning Program gives families peace of mind that their loved will have the same devoted care when they are no longer able to provide this themselves.  Your gift today will be the difference for a family.