Developing the Skills to Live, Work and Volunteer – Meet Marieliy

Meet Marieliy.  Marieliy loves hanging out with her friends and playing with her cat.  She also enjoys traveling and working out.  Marieliy is a student in the Wauwatosa School District, and since the beginning of 2021, has been volunteering in the Life Navigators office every week. With the help of her job coach, she assists with miscellaneous office tasks such as filing, organizing staff timesheets, keeping our printers stocked with paper and putting together folders for our Trust Program

Marieliy’s favorite task around the Life Navigators office is filing.  She said she enjoys taking a messy and disorganized pile of papers and putting them in their proper place.  This is her first time volunteering in the community, and helping people is her favorite part of the role.  She is excited about this real-world experience to prepare her for a potential future career as an administrative assistant.

Your investment will provide impactful services to Marieliy and many others.  Through your generosity, individuals with disabilities will have the network of support to live, work, and volunteer in our community.  Thank you for supporting the wonderful kids and adults with disabilities that we so proudly serve.