Trust II – Pooled Trust

Funded with assets that are entirely those of the beneficiary

The Life Navigators Trust II – Pooled Trust (Funded Entirely with Beneficiary’s Assets) is funded at the time of enrollment.  Most often, the Trust II is established when an individual with a disability has assets that would prevent them from receiving public benefits. It is often funded with an SSI payback, personal injury settlement or benefits accrual.  This Trust was approved in 2011 and developed by a group of experienced lawyers and financial planners, many of whom have a loved one with a disability.

Trust Handbook

A comprehensive guide for families, individuals with disabilities and attorneys.  Discover which Life Navigators trust is right for you.

Legal Documents: Trust II – Pooled Trust

Families must retain an attorney to draft the Trust documents and establish a Trust account.  Attorneys may complete our fillable PDF documents here.

Additional Information

Trust Fees
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