Life Navigators Receives Donation from Meijer

June 23, 2020

Life Navigators is pleased to announce it has received a donation from Meijer to support our Emergency Needs Fund.

Meijer’s $350.00 gift card donation will be used to purchase emergency groceries, hand soap, hand sanitizer and essential household supplies for the individuals with disabilities we are serving during this time of need.  Each year through our Emergency Needs Fund, we provide over 340 individuals with disabilities with essential living items and critical support services in emergency situations.

Thank you to Meijer for their support.  As we continue to deliver essential items and services, their support of our Emergency Needs Fund will keep individuals with disabilities safe, happy and healthy in this time of need.

About Life Navigators

Formed in 1949, Life Navigators is a non-profit organization devoted to improving the quality of life for individuals with developmental and related disabilities, their families and the community. The organization serves over 4,800 individuals annually through information, education, advocacy and life planning programs.

Contact: Amanda Stahmann,
Marketing & Development Manager
Life Navigators, 414-774-6255