December 1, 2022

In this edition: Congratulations are in order! Life Navigators would like to extend our congratulations to Ava Yuergens and Ben Otto for receiving the Philanthropic Youth of Today Award at the 2022 National Philanthropy Day Awards. Ava and Ben are young and active ambassadors for Life Navigators, and their future is incredibly bright. Learn more about their charitable endeavors and small business today. Bring birthday cheer to a consumer in need today! Classy Girl Cupcakes are a great partner in bringing cupcakes to consumers in our Guardianship program. Learn how your donation today can impact a consumer. Have you heard about our new beneficiary legal fund? New this year, Life Navigators now offers a Beneficiary Legal Fund to ensure additional individuals with disabilities can plan for their service and financial needs. This fund is available to cover the cost of legal fees to implement a Funded Trust I, II, or III with final assets at or below $100,000. Each Beneficiary can access up to $2,000. View our website for more information. We would like to extend a big thank you to the Rotary Club of Mitchell Field for participating in our #SoapsSudsDrive. With the help of their network, the club collected over 1,200 hygiene items and over $700 worth of gift cards to help those with disabilities stay healthy this winter. Thank you to the leaders of the Rotary Club of Mitchell Field, especially our great friends Larry and Holly Haskin, for being amazing partners and advocates for kids and adults with disabilities. Learn how you can participate in a drive of your own here.

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