Ensuring Safety and Happiness – Meet Ada

Meet Ada.  Ada is a member of our Guardianship Program which secures the safety and happiness of individuals with disabilities who do not have a family member to provide support.  As a very artistic person, she loves to draw, dance, and listen to music.  Before becoming involved with Life Navigators, Ada did not have anyone with legal authority to help make decisions and get services in place for her.  Now Life Navigators supports Ada to make healthy decisions to improve her quality of life.  We make sure she has food, clothing and shelter, as well as enrichment opportunities, like movies, game nights and volunteering opportunities.

Ada is now living her best life!  One of her favorite hobbies is taking pictures and looking through her photo album to reflect on memories of the past.  Through your donations, we purchased a camera for her to continue her love of photography.  Happy in her current home, Ada is always looking to be helpful, and takes pride in both her household chores as well as her volunteer work in her community.  Ada can be found frequently at our community outings, spreading her joy and sweetness to others.

Your continued investment will provide impactful services to Ada and many others.  Through your generosity, individuals with disabilities will have the network of support to be safe, happy and healthy in our community.