Supporting Consumers to Live Independently and Thrive

Meet Barb. Barb is a member of our Trust Program. She loves her cat, Lily Marie and the color pink. Some of her favorite things are taking walks, swimming at the YMCA, going shopping and watching Disney movies.

Recently, Barb’s sister reached out to Life Navigators to set up a Trust II – Pooled Trust for Barb. This Trust has allowed her to utilize her new assets while maintaining her public benefits. It helps her to pay for her monthly expenses while living independently in the community.

The biggest highlight for Barb was purchasing a brand new laptop with her Trust. Finally having internet access has made Barb “feel like I’m a part of the rest of the world now!” Barb enjoys watching her favorite Disney movies on her laptop and trying out some online shopping. Barb is so thankful for Life Navigators and her program coordinators for always being there for her and listening to her needs.

The Life Navigators Trust Program provides peace of mind and security while protecting public benefits. Multiple trust options are available to meet each beneficiary’s needs now and in the future. For more information on our Trust II – Pooled Trust, visit our Trust Program website page.