Trust Presentations

Learn more about the Trust Program

Are you interested in hosting or attending a presentation about the Life Navigators Trust Program?  Contact the Life Navigators Trust Program Manager at 414-774-6255 for more information.

A Trust presentation can be helpful to a variety of groups:

  •  Educators
  •  Families of Individuals with Disabilities
  •  Financial Planners
  •  Estate Planners
  •  Attorneys
  •  Nonprofit agencies
  •  Community Groups

What is a Trust?
Trust I – Community Trust (Third Party Trust)
Trust II – Pooled Trust (Funded Entirely with Beneficiary’s Assets)
Trust III – Pooled Trust (Funded Entirely with Beneficiary’s Assets)
                *for Age 65 and Over
Trust Handbook
Trust Fees
Request for Disbursement
Loan Agreement Form
Attorney Instructions and Checklist
Heirs at Law Form
Frequently Asked Questions

Are you interested in receiving a hard copy of our Trust Handbook?  Do you have questions regarding our Life Navigators Trust Program or fees?  Please contact us at 414-774-6255 or