Coordinating Long-Term Family Care Services for Individuals with Disabilities

Life Navigators partners with My Choice Wisconsin’s Family Care Program to assess, monitor, and support the long-term care needs of individuals with disabilities. Life Navigators ensures that members receive the most effective services and care possible to meet their individual needs through this program.

What is a Family Care Program?

Family Care is the State of Wisconsin’s Medicaid-funded comprehensive long-term care service system that serves persons with physical or developmental disabilities 18 and over or frail older adults 65 and over.

Three Steps to Family Care for individuals with disabilities

Disability Resource Center

To be assessed for eligibility in Milwaukee County, individuals with disabilities must contact the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Milwaukee County at 414-289-6660. Once an individual qualifies both functionally and financially, an options counselor assists in helping you choose the best family care services for individuals with disabilities.

Managed Care Organization (MCO)

Once a person is enrolled,  the MCO is in charge of managing Family Care benefits for the member. To work with Life Navigators, members must choose My Choice Wisconsin as their MCO.

Care Management Unit (CMU)

In addition to choosing a MCO, members select a CMU to deliver their services. Let your options counselor know that you would like to receive services from Life Navigators.

Life Navigators is a Trusted Leader

Each member is part of an Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) that consists of the member, a Life Navigators Care Manager (social worker) and a Registered Nurse who:

  • Authorize services to meet each member’s individual goals
  • Coordinate services with providers
  • Provide on-going monitoring and support

Questions regarding Life Navigators Services?

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