Embrace Your Normal

Maceo is a member of our Children’s Waiver Program and enjoys playing music and spending time with his cousins. He also loves creating artwork with his dad.

Maceo’s dad, Todd, has always been passionate about art, and one day he was struggling with a painting. He then put a marker in Maceo’s hand and Maceo smiled immediately. This excitement started their amazing painting journey. Out of this shared experience, “Art by Maceo and Dad” was formed. For each piece, Todd creates a background while Maceo adds the details such as footprints, handprints and squiggles.

Their artwork has been featured at local art exhibits and is currently on display at Karma. Todd loves that their artwork and slogan, Embrace Your Normal, showcase how “no matter what our differences are…we are normal.” They currently sell their artwork on a Facebook page. When asked what this experience means to Todd, he stated, “Art brought Maceo and I closer together. It gave our lives meaning.”